The Center offers training, technical assistance, grants, and other support to city leaders and teams focused on expanding the public innovation approach in local government. This practice focuses on effectively using data, human-centered design, and community engagement to solve problems and drive better results for residents. 

Our Innovation programs include: 

  • Innovation Teams 
    A three-year program working in nearly 50 cities across four countries that helps mayors solve problems in new ways and deliver better results for residents by creating in-house Innovation Teams in city government.
  • City Innovation Training and Capacity Building Program
    This year-long training helps mayors and their leadership teams adopt design-based innovation techniques to engage residents in testing, adapting, and scaling creative ideas that have lasting impact.
  • Harvard Leadership Program Innovation Track
    Led by Harvard and supported by the Center, this nine-month program helps interdisciplinary city teams build their innovation capabilities as they design, test, and prototype solutions to a pressing city problem.
  • Innovation Community of Practice
    The Center is building a network of public servants who can share best practices, practical lessons, and new innovation strategies in order to build their skills and deliver services and solutions that work for local communities. 



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