The Center draws on the insights and skills of residents to power better local solutions for cities. With the support of grants, technical assistance, and other resources, cities partner with residents and community members to design and implement projects that solve important public problems. 

Our civic engagement programs include: 

  • Cities of Service
    An initiative that helps mayors and city leaders tap into the knowledge, creativity, and service of citizens to solve public problems and bolster vibrant communities. Founded in 2009 by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Cities of Service now provides grants, technical assistance, and other resources to city leaders and supports a coalition of 280 cities across the Americas and Europe.
  • Love Your Block
    The flagship Cities of Service grant program brings city leaders and residents together to build stronger neighborhoods, one block at a time. Through the program, cities award mini-grants to residents and community partners to reduce blight and spur neighborhood-driven change.
  • Experience Matters
    This partnership with AARP helps cities draw on the wisdom, insight, and skill of volunteers aged 50+ to solve public problems, providing resources, technical assistance, and other support to city staff across the country.